SFS 6002 web course now in English


The Safety at electrical work standard web course has been translated to English. The web course releases the employers from the need to spend working days educating the employees.


The number of international electricians in Finland has increased significantly. The result is that the foremen cannot rely only on Finnish anymore if they want to ensure that all the workers will understand the given instructions. They have to seek for other languages, and in most times, the chosen language is English.

Here at Sähköinfo we have not omitted the increasing need for other languages. Thus, we have released the English version of our popular Safety at electrical work SFS 6002 web course. The most important advantage of the web course is that the participants must not attend on any specific lesson and they can complete the course whenever they have the time.

The course is paragraphed mainly in accordance with the SFS 6002 -standard, though, in dealing with issues, the aim has moreover been to establish an easy adoption rather than to follow the order of the presentation of the standard. To improve the learning, there are small series of questions at the end of each paragraph, which will help the participant to know whether the issues have been learnt or not. In addition, several examples of electrical accidents and practical guidance have been added to clarify how the requirements of the standard are implemented in practice.

The course consists of seven parts, each of which takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. In the end there is a final test which ensures that the student has learnt all the needed information adequately.

More information: Kauppa.sahkoinfo.fi